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Audio files

Internet Archive | Nightingale Conant mp3 self-improvement | Free Classic language course also

Cards (Digital)

  • Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards - musical, animated cards.
  • E-Cards Image categories are vast. Can also send V-Cards (Internet Camera Postcards)


  • Active Worlds Browser 3-D virtual community. Explore over 100 worlds in real-time, high-color graphics.
  • ICQ chat program Transfer files; travel in groups to different Web pages; play sound effects.
  • 99chats create rooms
  • Chatzy browser free
  • Stinto


  • Alphapub Richard Wetherhill Improve society consciousness
  • Arfalpha Metaphysics philosophy
  • Bartleby classics
  • Bookyards all categories
  • BytheFireplace html classics
  • Classicbookshelf
  • Cool Dog
  • Ebookdirectory categories
  • Fullbooks html
  • Gutenberg ogg
  • Ibiblio
  • Online Books
  • University of Pennsylvania

    Free Classified Ads

    Louisiana | Recycler US | IWR

    Almost free classified ads

    Art Brokerage (Art Only) | Business List SIC | Flea Market | Hot-ads US midwest

    Email Services

  • Mailto Encoder formats E-mail address unreadable by E-mail extractor or search engine
  • Scrambler
  • Encode address
  • Top posting in email, don't

    Font archives

    1. 1001 free fonts
    2. Acid
    3. Cool Archive Clip art, htm aids as well. Over 450
    4. DaFont
    5. Daily free fonts TTF Type 1
    6. FontFace "Font of the Day." Large collection including "Top 25 Fonts"
    7. Font Mania Over 400 TrueType, conveniently organized. "Top 10" listing
    8. Font Squirrel
    9. FontStock
    10. Free Fonts
    11. Lowing
    12. Offsite TTF, Type 1, OpenType
    13. Pcfonts site list
    14. Searchfreefonts
    15. Simplythebest nice
    16. Top 50 mono
    17. WebpagePublicity
    18. BeFonts

    Fonts commercial

    1. Astigmatic One Eye Foundry Original TrueType
    2. Ascender
    3. Bitstream
    4. Elfring Fonts Top Fonts Collection
    5. Fontcraft
    6. Fonts.com
    7. Handwriting yours created $50
    8. Matchfonts all types OS/2 suitable
    9. NuSans low cost many types
    10. Signature into TTF $10

    Fonts free

    1. EnvyR ttf mono multi types/size
    2. Hack mono
    3. Bitstream Vera from Gnome unix
    4. Day Roman type 1, ttf Check home url for many
    5. Dejavu both unicode
    6. Dina mono bitmap
    7. Dina TTF version
    8. Dina for Linux/X11
    9. Divide By Zero original TrueType
    10. Droid family
    11. Ecofont use less ink
    12. Fat Cat Fonts and shareware
    13. Inconsolata mono others
    14. KatGyrlr's Fontain of Youth Free and shareware, Microsoft font utilities
    15. League of Moveable Type font
    16. Liberation TTF all
    17. Moorstation TTF, Type 1
    18. RzFont bitmap monospace
    19. Typography Mario Arturo
    20. Unicode
    21. ProFont fon ttf mono
    22. Chris Cannam unix mono font Codec
    23. Font of the month
    24. Google
    25. ReactOS fonts
    26. Old school dos fonts great for terminal use


  • UNOS SPHERE real-time microkernel, HD clone, pci sniffer, network sniffer
  • SS64 commands Bash Oracle Windoze OSX SQL VC Access Powershell MB/GB forums
  • Scanning service scan three photos free. Will be asked to place a link on site.
  • Online virus scanning Windows/Android
  • Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming app - SpiderScribe
  • Passpack Free Online Password Manager


  • Command Center Include cribbage, hearts and spades.
  • Gamesville - on-line multi-player such as bingo and "Multimedia Celebrity Trivia Game," in which you win cash prizes.
  • Omni Casino gamble for real money or play off-line. Enhanced 3-D graphics and animation, as well as digital sound.
  • SolSuite Solitaire -good layout, speedy play, sounds, extensive options, with five versions. (Win95,NT).

    Graphics Software

  • Gif reducer
  • PicMonkey online edit
  • PicResize online
  • Go2convert
  • BorderMania plug-in filters for editing. All filters designed to create basic borders around images and suited to creating buttons
  • Graphics Tools -studio IPAS (Ixps, Axps, Pxps and Sxps), with tools as "3-D Studio," animated special effects and "Grad, ripple, bub and pat."
  • IrfanView32 editor with many file formats. Highly rated!
  • Paint Shop Pro 3/4
  • POV-Ray Graphics Tool create 3-D graphics. (Win/DOS/Mac/Lin/SunOS/Amiga)
  • Create passport photos

    Find your IP address

  • Check IP
  • IP chicken
  • Goetz show ip
  • IP convert
  • My IP address
  • User agent string info on user agent
  • Checkip.ca
  • ViewYourIP
  • Nirsoft good info
  • Chamisplace
  • DigMyIP
  • What is my ip address
  • IP leak
  • Browser and ip info
  • What's my IP html entity code list
  • My browser info
  • IP and user agent

    Internet test

  • Fast speed test
  • Speedcheck
  • Test My Internet Speed
  • Bandwith
  • ISP speed
  • Browser encryption protocol
  • How's my ssl
  • ShieldsUp Gibson Research port scan
  • DNS leak test
  • Port test
  • Javascript encode/decode
  • Torrent throttle
  • Internet throttle test
  • Traceroute
  • Have I been pawned checks online accunt breach
  • Do I leak Test onine prescence
  • Check Port Forward
  • Dead pixel
  • pcFlank web test
  • Html5 test
  • Mobile antenna search shows proximity of cel tower
  • Wifi triangulation browser test

    Internet Time Protocol

  • Canada time clock
  • Network Time Protocol
  • NIST Internet Time Servers
  • US Time.gov
  • US Navy
  • Golden Hour of Sunlight

    Internet Tools

  • Base64 decode other web tools
  • Virus app check
  • F-Secure online virus check
  • The Cloak proxy
  • Free VPN
  • NIST Internet Time Service
  • NTPPoolServers Servers NTP
  • Skype browser version Microsoft collects data
  • Ascii Alt Codes
  • Telephone recording tones
  • Setup router
  • Block Unwanted Connections with Hosts File
  • Country domain suffix
  • Generate random password
  • Ping host
  • Open port check
  • Regular Expression create
  • Reverse DNS
  • Dead pixel
  • Fix screen pixel
  • CommaFeed RSS reader
  • Random password
  • IP lookup

    Hardware tools

  • Router IP address
  • Check manufacturer MAC address
  • Port Forward how to
  • Hard reset devices
  • PhotoFriday monitor calibrate
  • Test monitor using flash
  • Lagom LCD test
  • PC glossary
  • PCI ID Repository

    Online todo planner

  • Todoist
  • Toodledo
  • TickTickWebsite function
  • Down for everyone or just me
  • Is It Down Right Now

    Power Supply Computer

  • PSU power calculate
  • Ecova Plug Load Solutions power supply rating mfg
  • UL Online Certifications Directory
  • Database of PSU OEMs, websites and UL numbers
  • UL Online Certification Directory

    Reminder Services

  • TracerLock - monitor search engines and notify by E-mail when new matches for specified keywords appear

    Shorten url service

  • Bit.ly
  • Is.gd
  • TinyUrl

    Screen Savers

  • Colorcube display eye-popping geometric, colorful designs. (Win95/NT)
  • Light Speed- infinite variations of starscapes and animations and sounds with displays up to 6,000 stars.
  • Sheep vs. Gravity - watch sheep fall to their deaths
  • Sky- shows sky above any location on Earth, including stars, moon in correct phase and position, and Sun and planets
  • UFO - 4 types of UFO designs, all rendered photo-realistically, which spin or wobble their way around
  • XaraCube - places images onto rotating blocks that spin and chase each other. Create own version and include images desired