1. 20th Century Resource Nice list
  2. 60's Slang Young people had a different lingo and it, as today, drove our parents nuts
  3. A Passion for Jazz
  4. A to Zee Collectibles Whatever you collect, a resource that will enhance your hobby
  5. AA Roads USA Ribbons of asphalt and concrete that link people to people
  6. Abbreviations and Acronyms of U.S. Government "official" home page
  7. ABC'S of The Writing Process
  8. About Famous People
  9. About the Web Guide for newcomers to the Web
  10. Absolute Astronomy
  11. Absolute Shakespeare essential resource with plays, sonnets and poems
  12. Abyz News Links Newspapers, News Media, Sources from world
  13. Academic Directories Leading academic websites that meet highest intellectual standards
  14. Academic Info Gateway to Quality Educational Resources
  15. Acadamy Awards Database Searchable by name; film title; song title; category;
  16. Academy of American Poets Foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry
  17. Accident Reconstruction Resources Events / Resources related to accident reconstruction
  18. Accounting Glossary Utah Association of CPAs
  19. Accounting Terminology Guide New York State Society of CPAs
  20. Acronym and Abbreviation List Search or Submit
  21. Acronym Finder Over 173,000 acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms and definitions Acronym
  22. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  23. Acronyms and Abbreviations Search, browse alphabetically or by category
  24. Acronyms for Health Information Resources Health, medical, veterinary sciences
  25. Actionbioscience Promoting bioscience literacy
  26. Ad Access Ads for Beauty/Hygiene, Radio/Tv, Transportation, and World War II.
  27. Addictions Addictions can be formed to any activity or behaviour
  28. Adherents Membership/Adherent statistics and Religion/Congregation statistics
  29. Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide 1,500+  annotated links to admiralty law resources
  30. African and Middle Eastern Reading Room
  31. African Cookbook Menus and Recipes from Africa
  32. AgeSource Worldwide resources about aging
  33. AI on Web information on Artificial Intelligence
  34. Airport Codes
  35. A.K.A. Author pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names
  36. Alchemy Electronic Dictionary Find out the meaning of arcane words and ciphers
  37. Alchemy Site information on alchemy in all its facets
  38. Algaebase Algae of the world
  39. All About Chocolate unique origins of popular treat.
  40. All Classical Explore classical music
  41. All Conferences Conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops,
  42. Allexperts Ask a Question
  43. All-Info About Poetry A wealth of information
  44. All-Poetry Encyclopedia Poetry resources
  45. All Things Spiritual Directory
  46. Almost every file format!
  47. Alternative Dictionaries International Slang.
  48. Alternative English Dictionary English slang - at The Alternative Dictionaries collection.
  49. Amateur Radio Glossary Jargon, Abbreviations and Terminology
  50. American Authors on the Web Within date year range
  51. American Bar Association General Public Resources
  52. American/British - British/American Dictionary
  53. American Colonist's Library Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History
  54. American Dialect Homepage Bridge the gap between the different worlds of dialectology
  55. American-English/English-American Translation Guide
  56. American Fact Finder From the U.S. Census Bureau
  57. American Folklore American folktales, Native American myths and legends
  58. American Heritage Book of English Usage Guide to Contemporary English
  59. American History Constitution, Declaration of  Independence
  60. American Government and Politics Glossary Definitions of Phrases, Concepts and Ideas
  61. American Indian Studies American Indian History and Related Issues
  62. American Journalism Newslinks Sites, Articles, Reports, Etc.
  63. American Law Sources On-Line Freely accessible sources of law - US, Canada, Mexico
  64. American Literature Research Resource Guide
  65. American Literature on the Web Dealing with American literature
  66. American Rhetoric Everything and more !
  67. American Sign Language Dictionary Basic dictionary of ASL terms
  68. American Slanguages Plus Foreign Slanguages
  69. American States Home Pages  All 50 of them
  70. American vs British Spelling
  71. Amerispeak  Expressions of our American ancestors
  72. AmphibiaWeb Information System for Amphibian Conservation Biology
  73. Amphibian Checklist Guide for Identification of Amphibians in N.America north of Mexico
  74. Anagram Generators Online Anagram Generators
  75. Anatomy of the Human Body Bartelby - from the classic 1918 publication
  76. Ancient Egypt Mark Millmore   Explore over 30000 years of ancient Egypt
  77. Ancient History Explore ancient history
  78. Ancient India At The British Museum
  79. Ancient Scripts Visible or tactile signs used to represent language units
  80. Ancient World Web
  81. Aneki World and Regional Rankings Richest, populous, largest, cleanest
  82. Animal Diversity Web Search, or shortcut to animal groups.
  83. Animal Info Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals
  84. Animal Search Family-safe search engine
  85. Animal Terms or what do you call a .....?
  86. Annabelles Quotation Guide Browse Quotes by Topic or Author
  87. Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics provides footnotes for the lyrics
  88. Answers to Questions on Grammar Style, Organization, Vocabulary and Research
  89. Antagonyms Word made up to describe a single word having contradictory meanings
  90. Anthems Flags Facts of Nations
  91. Anthro.net Query database with anthropological content
  92. Anthromorphemics:Anthropology Glossary Archaeology, Cultural, Physical Anthropology
  93. Anthropology - Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources
  94. Anthropology Dictionary Ring site-Exploratory with good articles
  95. Anthropology news At Texas A & M
  96. Anthropology Tutorials PHYSICAL (BIOLOGICAL) and CULTURAL (SOCIAL)
  97. Anyday: Today-in-History Select the required Month and Day
  98. Aphorisms Galore When you want to sell, convince, praise, insult, jest or impress
  99. APlus Research Writing For High School and College Students
  100. Proper Apostrophe Usage
  101. Appropriate Technology Library Plus Rural Self-reliance
  102. Archaeolink Amazing Worlds of Archaeology, Anthropology, & Ancient Civilizations
  103. Archaeological Research Guide Links to European archaeology
  104. Archaeology: An Introduction Electronic companion
  105. Archaic Medical Terms
  106. Architecture of Modern Political Power The New Feudalism
  107. Archival Internet Resources archival indexes
  108. American Artists
  109. American Art Therapy Association
  110. Art Insights & Resources from the Experts
  111. Educational Value of Studying Art
  112. Art-Atlas Art Directory
  113. Art-Online Fine Art Directory
  114. Art History Research Foremost tool for research
  115. Art History Resources wealth of information
  116. Art Renewal Center Quality images of great paintings and sculpture
  117. Artchive Images and articles
  118. Artcyclopedia: Guide to Museum-Quality Art Fine Art Search Engine
  119. Artefacts Canada millions museum objects, natural history specimens, archaeological sites
  120. ARTFL 2000 Text Database 13th-20th Centuries Literature Philosophy Arts Sciences
  121. Arthurian Resources Arthurian Legend has survived over 1,000 years
  122. Articles for Writers and Publishers Collection of pertinent legal articles
  123. Artist Lyric Links
  124. ArtLex - Art Dictionary For artists, collectors, students and educators
  125. ArtMagick virtual art gallery displaying paintings and poetry
  126. Artslynx International Resources - Dance, Theatre, Arts, Music, Film, Writing
  127. ASCAP Association of music writers
  128. Asian-Nation Asian-American historic, political, social, economic, cultural elements
  129. ASJA Writer Resource American Society of Journalists and Authors
  130. Ask a Librarian Online reference of Library of Congress
  131. AskOxford Passionate about language
  132. ASL Fingerspelling help you become proficient at fingerspelling
  133. ASL University learn from the various lessons
  134. Assistive Devices At MEDLINE plus - News; Overviews; Coping;
  135. Assistive Media Expanding the world of reading
  136. Associations Database Searchable Marketing Resource
  137. Associations on the net over 2000 Internet sites
  138. Astronet News on astronomy, space research and flight, meteorology
  139. Astronomy Net
  140. Atlapedia Online Physical and political maps plus key facts and statistics
  141. Atlas of Canada Discover Canada through Maps and Facts
  142. Atlas of the Body Anatomy and Medical Illustrations
  143. Atlas of the Oceans become familiar with ocean issues ?
  144. Australian SlangG'day, mate! Learn Australian slang words and phrases
  145. Author News, Services, Magazine
  146. Author Pseudonyms
  147. Authors on the Web Where readers and writers click
  148. Authorlink About Writers, Writing, Editors
  149. Authorship, Writing and Editorial Techniques Excellent resources
  150. AuthorZone Search by category
  151. Autopsy Screenwriters Guide Procedure Related in Narrative Form
  152. Autospeak Dictionary of Racing Terms
  153. Avalon ProjectDocuments in Law, History and Diplomacy
  154. AwardWeb lists of literary award winners


  1. B.B.C. - A to Z Index all BBC sites
  2. BBC Country Profiles history, politics and economic background of countries
  3. B.C.Archives government of British Columbia
  4. Backgammon Glossary With definitions
  5. Background checks lists of infamous people
  6. BackPacker info needed for life on the trail
  7. Bacteria Museum links on bacteria, bacteriology
  8. Bad Fads Museum From Bouffant Hairdos to Platform Shoes
  9. Baha'i Second most widespread of the world's independent religions
  10. Banking, hands on
  11. Bartlett John 1901 Familiar Quotations Collection of Passages, Phrases, and Proverbs Bartlett's Quotations
  12. Based on the Book Selected books made into movies
  13. Basics of Magnetics Including Earth's magnetic field, susceptibility, survey profiles, maps
  14. Bears
  15. Beaucoup Super search for reference and education works
  16. Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights Do amphibians have to wait an hour after eating to get out of the water?
  17. Beetle Science study of this diverse and abundant insect order
  18. Behind the Name etymology and history of first names
  19. Being Left-Handed Living in the mirror
  20. Belgium Languages and Dialects
  21. Best History Websites
  22. Best of British for Americans American's guide to speaking 'British'
  23. Best Song Lyrics Plus links to other lyrics
  24. Better Writing Oxford University Press
  25. BEWARE Warnings and Cautions for Writers
  26. Beyond...The BlackStumpWorld Wide Words
  27. Bible Gateway: Search in Nine Languages & Multiple Bible Versions Multilingual
  28. Bible, King James Version Old and New Testaments with the Apocrypha
  29. Bible Study Tools
  30. Bibliography Builder Choose a form, fill it out, and push the button
  31. Bibliomania Study Guides Free Online Literature and Study Guides
  32. Big Bands Database project dedicated to Bands; to Jazz and to Swing History
  33. Big Picture Book of Viruses Catalog of virus pictures and educational resource
  34. Bio-Bibliographical Directory of Science & the Humanities Theory, History, and Culture
  35. Biogate Doorway to all the 'BIO' information you ever dreamed of
  36. Biography: Composers, Lyricists, Writers At Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization
  37. Biography Project Culturally influential individuals on underground culture
  38. Biography Resources Information on the famous and obscure
  39. Biographical Dictionary Over 28,000 notable men and women. Searchable
  40. Biographical History of Science, Technology & Medicine
  41. Biographies Search On-line Biographies with many related links
  42. Bioline International Access to quality research journals published in developing countries
  43. Biology and Zoology Systematics / Nomenclature.Curious Scientific Names
  44. Biology Online Dedicated to providing basic to advanced information in the field
  45. BiologyBrowser starting point for anyone seeking biology information
  46. BIOME Guide to quality resources in health and life sciences
  47. Biosis Zoological Resource
  48. Bird Central celebrates the study and enjoyment of birds
  49. Bird Dictionary Bird Book, Bird Care, State of Nation's Birds,
  50. Birding Bird watching and wild birds at About
  51. BIRDNET Ornithological Information Source - Scientific study of birds
  52. BirdSource Birding with a purpose
  53. Bitlaw Internet resource on technology law
  54. Biz Tech Network New Economy Business Technology Portal
  55. Black History Encyclopaedia Britannica Guide to
  56. Blind Reader's Page guide to information in alternative formats
  57. Blue Book Of Grammar and Punctuation
  58. Blue Letter Bible More Bible study tools
  59. Blues Directory mother of all blues links collections
  60. Book Awards and bookclub selections
  61. Book-A-Minute Classics Got another book report to do?
  62. Book of Wonder By Lord Dunsany
  63. BOPCRIS Search from British Official Publications thru 1688-1995
  64. Boston Guide Wicked good English
  65. Botanical Home Page of A Modern Herbal
  66. BotaniquePortal to Gardens, Arboreta & Nature Sites
  67. Botany Encyclopedia of Plants & Botanical Dictionary Total resource of Gardening Needs
  68. Botany online The Internet Hypertextbook
  69. Brain Candy Everything from Advertising Slogans to Witty Quips
  70. Brain Connection The brain and learning
  71. Brain Explorer Source of our pleasures, joys, laughter, jests, sorrows, pains and griefs
  72. BrainTrack University Index World's most complete education index
  73. Brave Women Warriors Of Greek Myth: An Amazon Roster Picture Links
  74. Breeds of Dogs reference to the world of dogs
  75. Brewer's Phrase and Fable Bibliomania: Research; Reference; then choose
  76. BritannicaOld Shelf-full
  77. British Academy PORTAL Resources in humanities and social sciences
  78. British and Irish Legal Information Institute Freely Available Public Legal Information
  79. British Car Terms British / American Automotive Translations
  80. British Columbia Archives Research access to records of enduring value to the province
  81. British History For Tourism, Education and Research
  82. British Poetry 1780 - 1910 A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions
  83. British Slang Dictionary Strikingly different from American usage
  84. Broadway Database Official archival database for Broadway theatre information
  85. Buddhist Glossary Part of the Dharma Dictionary
  86. Bugbios Shameless promotion of  Insect Appreciation
  87. Bulfinch's Mythology The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes
  88. Burns Encyclopedia The complete text of the definitive Robert Burns reference
  89. Business Glossary More than 1,250 Business Terms, organized and cross-referenced
  90. Business Information Sources At Wichita State University. Organized by type
  91. Business Letters Excellent overview from Colorado State University Writing Centre
  92. Businessletterpunch Takes users through the actual steps of writing a business letter
  93. Business Law Site wealth of information pertaining to business and legal research
  94. Business Writers Free Library Includes several other major topics
  95. Better Writing American Authors on the Web

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