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  1. Ibiblio Collection of collections, ebooks
  2. Idiomsite Find out why you say what you say
  3. Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology real story of Hercules
  4. Image Databases leading academic website
  5. Image Gate New York Public Library's digital image project
  6. Images of History on the Web David Mattison's glimpse into our collective past
  7. Inaugural Addresses of Presidents of the United States Searchable
  8. Index of Native American Resources WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
  9. Index on Censorship bi-monthly magazine for free speech
  10. Indexing Guru Ostensibly logical, orderly columns of  references belie the complexity of indexing.
  11. India Languages and Scripts
  12. Indigenous Studies Virtual Library
  13. Indispensable Writing Resources A Complete Collection of Writing Essentials
  14. Inflation Calculator Adjusts any given amount of money for inflation
  15. InfoNation Allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data
  16. Information Center for the EnvironmentA cooperative effort of environmental scientists
  17. Insectclopedia Everything you could ever wish to know
  18. Inside Europe guide to life inside the European union (BBC)
  19. Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
  20. Instructional Resources for Chemistry Web links to instructional materials & other resources
  21. Intellectual Property in the Information Age A Classroom Guide to Copyright
  22. International Business Resources Michigan State University
  23. Internet Archive Building a digital library of Internet sites
  24. Internet Classics Archive: Searchable Works of Classical Literature 441 works 59 authors
  25. Internet and Unix dictionary
  26. Internet safety
  27. Internet Dictionary Project Search. Some downloadable. Text dictionaries, Windows 3.1/95 app
  28. Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes From Dr. Clifford A. Pickover
  29. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents: choose a letter
  30. Internet Geography ...where Geography is going places!
  31. Internet Grammar of English Online course in English grammar
  32. Internet Guide for China Studies At the WWW Virtual Library
  33. Internet Legal Resource Guide index of more than 4000 select sites
  34. Internet Library of Early Journals A digital library of 18'th and 19'th century journals
  35. Internet Movie Database How to download your own local copy only
  36. Internet Picture Dictionary Designed especially for ESL students
  37. Internet Public Library The first public library of the Internet
  38. Internet Resources on Aging for people age 50+
  39. Internet Resources on Media Law Journalism resources including Cyberspace
  40. Internet Sacred Text Archives A quiet place devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship
  41. Internet Theatre Database Searchable archive of theatre past, present, and future
  42. Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami National Inuit Organization in Canada
  43. InvestorWords most comprehensive financial glossary
  44. InvisibleWeb Finding Hidden Internet Resources Search Engines Can't See
  45. IOBA Book Terminology All of those book terms fully defined
  46. ISBN book search
  47. Iscript Movie Script / Screenplay  Database


  1. Jamaica National Heritage Trust Wondrous source of information about a wondrous place
  2. Gate of Japanese translate websites
  3. Japanese Prints Among the world's most beautiful, complex, and expressive works of art
  4. JAZZ A history of America's music from PBS
  5. Jazz History
  6. Jazz Research Portal University of North Texas Music Library
  7. Jazz Roots Early Jazz History
  8. Jewish Glossary Jewish Student Online Research Center
  9. Jim Crow Museum Both a real place and a virtual site, race relations
  10. Joe-ks Your largest source of humour
  11. Journalism.org Research, Resources and Ideas to improve Journalism
  12. Journalismnet Includes J-Net for the UK
  13. Journalism Online relating to all departments of journalism
  14. Journalist's Guide to the Internet C. Callahan  U. of Maryland College of Journalism
  15. Judaism 101 Beliefs, people, place, things, language, scripture, holidays, practice, customs
  16. Jules Verne Collection Forum, Library, FAQ, Bibliography, Chronology
  17. Jumble and Crossword Solver Limited to a maximum of 25 letters
  18. Jumpstation Geo Great geography arranged by category
  19. Jurisdictionary Rules of Court Made Easy


  1. KidLink Multi-Cultural Calendar By month, country, holiday, author. Plus Search
  2. King Arthur on Britannia The Early British Kingdoms
  3. King's English Search Reference, Verse, Fiction, Non-Fiction
  4. Knots You could be tied up for days here
  5. Animated knots
  6. Koran Searchable electronic version of The Holy Qur'an, translated by M.H. Shakir
  7. Kreyol most widely spoken creole in the world today is Haitian Creole


  1. Law Dictionary free of charge by lawyer
  2. Labyrinth Resources for Medieval Studies
  3. Langenburg Dictionary,Rhyming,PuzzleSolver,Scrabble,Quotes,Thesaurus,Anagram
  4. Language phrase East Indian, Italian, Arabic
  5. Langtolang Online multilingual dictionary
  6. Language Construction Kit Create artificial languages-- for a fantasy or an alien world
  7. Language Lessons From the I Love Languages Page of Tyler Chambers
  8. Language Museum Samples of almost 2000 languages in the world
  9. Language of Food Industry Glossary of Supermarket Terms
  10. Language Varieties Varieties of language differing from the normally used
  11. Languages and Translation English - Italiano resources for translators
  12. Last Words The tongues of dying men enforce attention like deep harmony
  13. Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid This dictionary defines about 15,600 words
  14. Latin-English Dictionary first appearance in 1995
  15. Latin Nomenclature In the Taxonomy of the Biological Sciences
  16. Law Dictionary & Legal Encyclopedia Here's the 'guts' of the Library - LAWCOPEDIA
  17. Law ethics
  18. Lawguru If a U.S. legal query, good place to be
  19. LawIdea Extensive Legal Links Directory with over 15,000 legal related resources
  20. LEARN CPR You can do it
  21. Learning Network At The New York Times
  22. Lexicon
  23. Legal Lexicon Terms, Definitions & Explanations Clickable by term
  24. Legal Research VIRTUAL CHASE NEWS
  25. Legal Researchers Engines, Tools, Resources, News, Intelligence, Documents
  26. Legal Survival Law You Need to Know
  27. Legends Defined our expectations of heroism, romance, and adventure?
  28. Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection 29,000+ pieces spanning 1780 to 1960
  29. Lexicon of the Humanities A way for scholars to cross from one discipline to another
  30. Libraries for the Future Information equity, literacy, preservation and renewal of libraries
  31. Library Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire, Etc. Some links may not be suitable for all viewers!
  32. Library Humour Is that oxymoronic?
  33. Library of Congress Home Page
  34. Library Of Congress (thomas)
  35. Libraries online
  36. Library Spot Everything for Library reference plus Style Guides
  37. License Plates of the World Who knows?
  38. Lifetips Tips, articles and advice on subjects from business to yoga
  39. Linguistic Fun Page Have some!
  40. Linguistics Resources From the I Love Languages Page of Tyler Chambers
  41. List of Common Abbreviations & Acronyms in Electronics Alpha select search
  42. Latin Dictionary
  43. List of Lists Gary Price's List of Lists at Special Issues
  44. List of Nifty Words With a link to Sesquipedelia and Bibliomania
  45. List of Popes with much more related information
  46. Literary Criticism Collection Contains 3936 critical and biographical websites
  47. Literary Encyclopedia and Literary Dictionary Literature is news that stays news
  48. Literary Glossary Few agree a single definition of literacy
  49. Literary Gothic The ultimate Gothic site
  50. Literary History Index to free internet articles on topics in English and American literature
  51. Literary Locales A true delight of a site
  52. Literary Traveller Explore your literary imagination
  53. Literature Network Searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast
  54. Literature of the Fantastic Public domain fantasy, science fiction, and horror works
  55. Literature of the Old West Includes Culture, Art, Photos and more
  56. LitKicks Experimental literary movements that tried uncovering deeper truths about life
  57. Live Radio on the Internet Links to thousands of radio stations worldwide
  58. Luminarium Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century English Literature
  59. Lyrics Search Engine New lyrics are added nearly everyday
  60. Lyricist Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site
  61. Lyrics World Superb collection, extremely well organised, by title, by artist
  62. Latin Phrases


  1. Macquarie Dictionary Australia's National Dictionary
  2. MAFIA Oppression, arrogance, greed, self-enrichment, power and hegemony
  3. Magic WannaLearn has a whole bunch of  Magic Links  - Can you see how it's done?
  4. Magic Tricks Learning about magic tricks can be fun and exciting
  5. MagOmania Canada's magazine search engine
  6. Majstro Multilingual Translation Dictionary
  7. Make 'Em Laugh Humorous Poems and Monologues
  8. Map Collection UT Library Online-Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
  9. MapQuest Add maps and directions
  10. Maps of Native American Nations Windows on Native Lands, Current Places, History
  11. Theodora world
  12. Marble Museum Just in case you had lost yours
  13. Marginality and Community in Medieval Europe Kenyon College
  14. Market List resource for genre fiction writers
  15. Mark Twain at Large His travels here and abroad
  16. Mark Twain Quotations Quotations, Newspaper Collections, & Related Resources
  17. Martindale's 'The Reference Desk' Just about everything.
  18. Master Course Catalog mining the riches of free online education
  19. Masters in history
  20. Masters of Photography View photographs, read articles, check out resources
  21. Masters in Risk Management Compares various university courses
  22. Math degrees online
  23. Mathematics Encyclopedia For community of math students, educators, and researchers
  24. Mathematics Quotations collection is sorted alphabetically by author
  25. Math World Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  26. Maths Dictionary for Kids Adults probably need this more than the kids!
  27. MatWeb The Online Materials Information Resource
  28. MayoClinic Have a health question? Browse by specialty or search by topic
  29. Measure Converter Units of measure, conversion tables, converters
  30. MedHist UK's gateway to history of medicine resources
  31. Media Channel Collection of Media associates
  32. Media Contacts To find the correct address to use
  33. MediaEater Online tools for productivity / reference desk / Digital Tool Kit
  34. MediaFinder Most comprehensive database of print media
  35. Media Law from Freedom of Information Center
  36. Media World Newspaper links from all over the world
  37. Medical Dictionary Smart medicine
  38. Medical Encyclopedia 4,000+ articles on diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, surgeries
  39. Medical Information for Ladies Topics here are important from a Womans perspective
  40. Medical Mnemonics Palm software
  41. Medieval & Renaissance History, culture, literature of  Middle Ages and Renaissance
  42. Medieval Demographics Made Easy Numbers for Fantasy Worlds
  43. Medieval English Urban History Cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages
  44. Medieval History and Literature From Grover Furr
  45. Medieval Names Archive To help historical re-creators to choose authentic names
  46. Medieval Resources On the WWW
  47. Medieval Sourcebook Three main index pages, with several supplementary documents
  48. Medieval Technology Pages Accurate, referenced information on technological innovation
  49. MegaConverter Best place to figure what equals what
  50. Memetic Lexicon Meme what you say, and say what you meme
  51. Memorable Quotations treasure of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
  52. Merck Manual Medical Information--Home Edition
  53. Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy dynamic resource which will be updated
  54. Meteorology Guide Collection of web-based instructional modules
  55. Metropolitan Museum of Art THE COLLECTION
  56. Microsoft Lexicon Microspeak made easier
  57. Middle English Collection At the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
  58. Middle English Texts Published for The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages
  59. Migration Information Source Fresh Thought, Authoritative Data, Global Reach
  60. Military answers
  61. Milton-l Devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton
  62. Mineral ID Key Identification of minerals in collections, rock gardens, and windowsills
  63. Mineralogy Database 4,255 individual mineral species descriptions with links
  64. Mississippi Writers Page Must be something in the water!
  65. Mnemonics Index and Introduction
  66. Modern History Sourcebook Thousands of sources
  67. Modern Word Why live in the past? Be here now.--George Harrison (1943-2001}
  68. Molecular Expressions Explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy
  69. Monarchs of Britain England's history from Prehistory through the Twentieth Century
  70. Money, history of
  71. Monstrous Aliens, Cryptids, Demons, Fairies, Freaks, Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires
  72. Months of Edible Celebrations A few nibbles to whet your appetite
  73. Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets Plus external related links
  74. Mortgage Terms Common terms, first time buyers guide
  75. Most Important 100 Women in World History Heavy on American Women
  76. Mostly Medieval Exploring the Middle Ages. Nice wallpaper, images
  77. Mother Goose Search by alphabet
  78. Movie Cliches List When you enjoy something never let logic get too much in the way
  79. Movie-Mistakes All the mistakes from all the movies
  80. Movie Monologues (Colin's) Great movie monologues from some awesome films
  81. Movie Scripts Script-O-Rama: Click on film title and the full text of the script comes up
  82. Mr. Smarty Pants Language Facts The decibel was named after Alexander Graham Bell
  83. Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet Welcome to the latest edition
  84. Multilingual Glossary of Medical Terms Technical and Popular in nine European languages
  85. Multilingual Translating Dictionaries From Afrikaans to Swedish
  86. Multimedia Music Dictionary From Virginia Tech
  87. Multiple Sclerosis Links The really big, major organizations and sites
  88. Murphy's Law History, original laws, corollaries, by topic, by alpha, anti-Murphy laws
  89. Murphy's Laws All the laws of
  90. Museum of Ancient Inventions From Smith College History of Science - Great!
  91. Museum of Hoaxes Pre-1700 to date
  92. Museum of Unnatural Mystery A slightly bizarre, cyberspace, science museum for all ages.
  93. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  94. World class museums online
  95. Music for the Nation more than 62,500 pieces of historical sheet music
  96. MusicSongLyrics most popular lyrics here plus music links
  97. Musicals 101 Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film
  98. MusicSearch : Music-Only Search Site Free, music-only resource
  99. Mutopia Classical sheet music, midi files
  100. Mysterious Home Page General Guide
  101. Mystery and Detective Fiction A range of related links
  102. Mystica on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal
  103. Mystical Arts of Tibet Monasteries of Tibet have held some of the greatest art of Asia
  104. Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales What do I think is true, or fair, or good, or beautiful?
  105. Mythology Beginner, intermediate, advanced
  106. Mythology : Mything Links Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links
  107. Mythweb Devoted to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology
  108. My Virtual Reference Desk best source for facts


  1. NAACP 92 years of making democracy work
  2. Nanotechnology brief introduction to core concepts of molecular nanotechnology
  3. Napoleonic Guide Battles, Soldiers, Naval Warfare, Wellington, Everything
  4. NASA Thesaurus With 2000 supplement
  5. National Archives of Canada Archives Nationale du Canada
  6. National Library Catalogues Worldwide University of Queensland Library
  7. National Library of Canada Electronic Collection
  8. National parks Quebec
  9. National Park Service USA
  10. National Writers Union for freelance writers working in U.S. markets
  11. Native American Food and Recipes By Dish or by Region & Tribe. Excellent source
  12. Native American Indian Resources Links, Education Government, Media
  13. Native American Nation sites And Native American Studies
  14. Native American Sites Home of American Indian Library Association
  15. Native American Studies American Indian Resources
  16. Native Village Celebrate the rich, diverse cultures of  The Americas' First Peoples
  17. NativeWeb Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
  18. Natural Hazards Research
  19. Natural History Notebooks Canadian Museum of Nature
  20. Nautical Dictionaries OnLine MultiLingual
  21. Nautical Terms Sailors choice
  22. Naval FAQs dedicated to ships and navies.
  23. Netdictionary Guide to technical, cultural, and humorous terms related to the Internet
  24. Neurotic Poets Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change
  25. New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy 6,900 entries in this major new reference
  26. New Jour New journals and newsletters available on the Internet
  27. News Links links to periodical information sources from Crayon
  28. Newspapers Online Tool for referencing world's newspapers
  29. Newspapers on the Net Everywhere
  30. Newswise Search Tools for Reporters
  31. Nitpickers nitpick is a mistake, anomoly, or small detail in a movie
  32. Nizkor Project To understand what a fallacy is, one must understand what an argument is
  33. Nom De Guerre Pseudonyms: Show Biz Personalities, Athletes, Writers Historical Figures
  34. Nonprofit Good Practice Guide Articles, standards of practice, resources and glossaries
  35. Non-Profit Guides Grant writing tools for non-profit organizations
  36. Non-Sexist Language Some notes on Gender-Neutral Language
  37. Northwest Passages largest set of Canadian literature links
  38. NOVA Online | Teachers Searchable database of all our educational materials
  39. NovelGuide premier free source for literary analysis
  40. Nursing Aphorisms Maxims and Pearls
  41. Nursing Humour Award by the Journal of Nursing Jocularity
  42. Nurse Practitioner courses